Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stimulous-Helping our Local Contractors?

Our US builders are turning the corner, but in Canada is the government stimulous helping?

photo (builders of pergolas)

The Americans are seeing a recovery in numerous sectors which is adding up to our builders becoming much busier. Infrastructure projects are breaking ground and unemployment numbers should see some relief soon. It may be our new website for the most part, but it has been a very positive spring for our people on the American Side.

In Canada--Not so much.

A promise of being able to write off the tax on 12-13k spawned a flurry of low budget work and made everyone busy during the extremely cold spring pricing the smallest jobs we have ever seen for the most part.

Our new website has helped our people--however there is certainly more competition for less work these days.

Barely a penny of actual stimulous money has hit the ground yet in Canada and increases in unemployment rates earlier this spring were astonishing. Nearly 3x what it was south of the border at the same time. We have a government claiming to save the day when in reality--they sat on their hands.

The way to prosperity for builders is to market consistently. Staying local to keep overhead low is also an excellent strategy.


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