Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bathroom Renovators - Barrie Wasaga Beach Elmvale

Washrooms are tricky business. Not very often can you leave anything from the old washroom. This one had structural issues and needed joists replaced so it was framing up renovation due to an unsealed shower being used for many years. There was rotted wood everywhere and anything with mold needed removing entirely.

We used the opportunity to superinsulate, even insulating the floor of the shower and using modern materials to ensure no moisture entering the wood framing or tile backer.

The client chose travertine, which is very difficult to work with. Tolerances are tight and walls need to be straightened and leveled perfectly. We brought our tile setter in from 5 hours away for the job.

For washroom renovations in the Barrie, Wasaga or Elmvale areas please call Jamie Elliott (705) 487-5353 or Lawrence at (705) 322-9919.
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