Friday, November 26, 2010

Kitchen Renovations in Whitby Ontario

  This is what our talented craftsmen do in the off season!  Quite a few of our people are carpenters, however Luke Simovski is a Tile and Stone expert installer as well as a professional kitchen installer. 
This Galley style Kitchen was designed and built by Luke Simonovski--Yes, the same guy that builds beautiful decks for in the summer. He has an eye for detail and it shows!

This reworked kitchen has all the features a kitchen needs and they made it work in the space on offer. Luke tends to redo all the plumbing from the stubs below adding shutoffs where possible. They also strip the flooring down as required for a good durable base when they are using stone or ceramic flooring.

 Now, this is a new floor tile available from Luke that looks exactly like stone without the budget. Shining gleaming stone... with about 1/3 the cost. I've seen a lot of tile floors in my day, but this one is actually convincing. I looked close and couldn't see the difference.

Well done Luke!

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