Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Restaurant Makeover on Bloor West in Toronto

 A modern diner on Bloor West Toronto--
 Here's a restaurant makeover on Bloor West in Toronto by Luke Simonovski-- Skl Group. Working with a designer friend of Luke's, they had the booths refinished, walls updated and these gorgeous dineresque porcelain patterned floor tiles.

 In the 50's they used asbestos floor tiles--and in commercial applications they would only last a few years. These new floor tiles last far longer. In Restaurant use, good quality porcelain tiles will last 20-30 years.

 The key to renovating restaurants is that everything you do needs to be durable and cleanable. Plastic laminent, ceramic and metal are often materials of choice when it comes to the lower 4' of restaurants. Things get dropped--kids splash juice and food everywhere. I am not a fan of carpet in restaurants--it just traps dirt and bacteria.
If you are looking to do Restaurant Renovations anywhere in the Toronto area you can speak to Luke or Lawrence at 416-951-9998
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